It is a top priority to provide our exhibitors with as many effective traffic-driving marketing tools to promote your company's presence and increase your ROI.
Below you will find complimentary tools to:

  • Increase your booth traffic
  • Increase your ROI
  • Gain new customers
  • Strengthen relationships with your existing customers

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Questions or issues using the marketing tools below? Please contact
DR. Doaa Maabady at

Complimentary Exhibit Hall Pass for Your Clients

Invite Your Clients to Come See YOU on the Exhibit Floor for FREE

Option 1: Add your company name and booth number to the writeable pdf file, save the file, and email it to your customers and prospects as an attachment to your email.

Option 2: Customize the html invitation with your company name and booth number. Access to an html software such as Dreamweaver is required for this option.

download now

Use Our Logo to Promote Your Involvement Ways to use the logo:

  • In print/digital ads
  • On company Website or e- News letters
  • In your email signature line

Banner Ads

Add a ICC-EXPO Banner Ad to Your Website/eNewsletters/Social Channels/Signature Line Photoshop is required for this option.

Social Media Tips

Encourage Attendance to YOUR Booth

  • Use LinkedIn to network with industry professionals and start conversations before you even get to the event. We encourage you to post questions, ideas and industry hot topics to our Group. Post discussions about the industry and ask engaging questions - Not just a sales pitch!
  • Post about your participation and involvement on your company's social channels. Share with your audience what will be taking place at your booth - Giveaways, Product Demos, Who will be there, etc. Use the
  • Use the Official Event Hashtag - #ICC-EXPO
  • Retweet/Share/Repost from the Expo’s official social channels
  • Images are KEY - Post images of your booth, products, etc. Customize the above Banner Ads and post them on your channels as an image - Get creative!

Send the Preliminary Event Guide

Mail or Email Your Customers a Copy of the ICC-EXPO International Preliminary Event Guide Do you want to meet key clients and prospects during ICC-EXPO? We are equally anxious to have these customers attend.
By working together, we can ensure that your prospects and clients receive information about the event, your products and services and the benefits of attending.

Option 1: The preliminary event guide is mailed directly to your postal list. We will arrange the mailing and pay for printing and postage. You can supply your postal list through our mail house or your mail house. This will ensure the privacy of your contact list is not shared with anyone.

The contact list should include full postal details and can include domestic and/or international names.

Your list must be sent by March 15, 2017 to be included in the preliminary event guide mailing.

Option 2: The preliminary event guide can be emailed directly to your clients. We will include your clients in our email send. You can supply your list through our mail house or your mail house). This will ensure the privacy of your contact list is not shared with anyone.

Please Email to Arrange Either Option

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