1. What are the exhibition hours?
The Exhibition will opens from10:00 am to 9:00 pm ( October, 2019 at the New Cairo International Conference Center CICC)
2. How much does it cost to attend the trade shows at Cairo?
EWRE Expo admission is for free, we also advise our interested attendees to register online to avoid reception queue. Please click here to register.
3. Is there a way that I can check if my registration has been confirmed on your web site?
Yes. You will receive a massage (email/sms)with your registration code.
4. As I am registeringwebsite/email at the last minute, how can I collect my badge ?
Badges will not be received prior to the event. It is only take a few minutes to obtain your badge. Bring proof of your registration to the expo with you (Copy of the Registration mail) to receive your badge and present this to our Express Registration desk and get your badge printed instantly.
5. How can I reach Cairo?
Cairo is Egypt’s capital with its known International airport (Cairo International Airport CAI) 30 minutes’ drive from the Expo venue, you can also checkhe Map at the our website
6. What about the Hotels and accommodation facilities?
There are various of hotels ranging from 2-5 stars adjacent to CICC offering special rates for the guests and participants of EWRE For more information & support, please refer to our accommodation page and HELP will be available or contact us for booking assistance; Tel. +2(02) 2358 0982 or +2 (02) 2767 0146
7. Can you recommend a hotel and/or good restaurant?
In cases of further information on hotel or restaurant or dining around town, click here, for full information on hotel and room rates, restaurants, café’s, dining and even shopping and sightseeing. You may also refer to the Expo official travel agency for full-range guidance.
8. Will free food and beverages be available at the show?
Free food and beverages will be served round-the-clock at your own expense. Coffee breaks are included in conference for registered attendees only.)
9. How can I obtain the exhibitors list of the show?
We suggest that you bookmark our expo website and check from time to time to avail the latest update of the participating exhibitors, guests, sponsors and programs.
10. How do I register for the Conference
Till 01/12/2016 € 250.00 € 120.00
From 01/01/2017 € 350.00 € 150.00
Please make your reservation from now and enjoy the informative and innovative sessions by world’s renowned expert in the field of waste recycling Management To register on any of the conference, please fill the form below and payment settlement via our bank info: ALEX EG XXXX 2 44007547002 and confirm the Registration Registration Form including the Payment Receipt.
11. What if I do not pre-register for the conferences?
We suggest that youregisterin any of the conference sessions in order to reserve your seat, in case of late to registration online; you can contact us at:
Tel. +2(02) 2358 0982 or +2 (02) 2767 0146
E-mail: info@egy-wasterecycling.com
12. What is the cancellation process for the conferences?
There are no cancellations or refunds, you may send replacement instead of you, but you have to inform by mail or call us one week prior to the Expo.
13. How does replacement/representative validate his/her attendance?
Prior to the Expo opening date you must call our office or, the replacement person may come to the pre-registration desk fill a form on behalf of the registry with a confirmation have a badge produced.
14. Can I attend the morning conference session and send someone else to the afternoon conference session in my place?
Conference badge are non-transferrable.
15. Is there a charge for a replacement badge?
Conference badge are non-transferrable. Only a replacement badge by the authority of the original registry can be printed once at the pre-registrationpresenting proper identification card/passport or driving license.
16. Can I bring an accompaniment (e.g. my child…) to the expo?
For safety purposes and due to insurance and security policy, no one under the age of 18 is allowed in the expo halls or conference rooms at the expo. For more inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. For handicap and special need and require special assistance in order to attend the expo or conference, kindly inform us at least one (1) month before the event to prepare the necessary preparations. We can provide wheelchair at the expo halls.
17. What about the online exhibitor registration?
You may locate your details or present your registration code, then fill the Exhibitor inquiry form, after then one of our online representative connect with you. If You are unable to complete your details or make the registration online, or email us onExhibitors@egy-wasterecycling.com or call us
18. How long does it take to receive confirmation of my registration for the Expo?
After registering online, an email confirmation should be received within the next 24 hours.
19. What if I have not pre-register for the expo?
You may register at the Expo hall walk-in admission desk for free. Online registration is also available throughout event days.
20. What is the minimum date or time to register to guarantee that I receive my badge prior to the event?
Badges will not be received prior to the event. It is only take a few minutes to obtain your badge. Bring proof of your registration to the expo with you (Copy of the Registration mail) to receive your badge and present this to our Express Registration desk and get your badge printed instantly.
21. In cases of nametag error, how do I make correction for my badge?
A correction on the badge can be made at the show. Please go to the Pre-Registered desk in the Registration area on-site, where corrections can be made and the responsible one will be printed for you. There is no charge to have your badge corrected and reprinted.
22. How do I get on the mailing list for next year's expo?
If you attended this year's event or any of our previous events, you will be automatically added to our mailing list and you will receive newsletters, digital magazine and updates concerning all our upcoming events. If you would like to be added to our mailing list to avail our newsletters, magazines, feeds, etcplease visit our website at www.atf-egy.com to subscribe and fill your specialty form to direct you to the event of your field and we shall add your name to that event’s mailing list or you can visit our facebook page at
24. If I will attend the show this year do I need to register again for this year's show?
Our Annual event usually starts with a new database for every event, due to first come, first serve basis. You must re-register for every event you plan to attend. We do not "carry over" registrations from show to show or year to year.

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